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Embracing neurodiversity helps you benefit from the brilliance of different brains. We’ll help you do just that, through neurodiversity awareness and acceptance training, consultancy or delivering a powerful talk on inclusion. Interested? Let’s have a chat about your needs.

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What can we do for you?


Neurodiversity training with bells on. Going beyond awareness to tangible action.

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A neurodivergent fix-it crew, to sort your inclusion needs now and in the future. We’ll help you build a healthy, happy workforce.

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Impactful, inspiring and quite often, laugh-out-loud. Words that will ring in your audience’s ears long after they’ve left.

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What is neurodiversity anyway?

Neurodiversity is like biodiversity, but instead of talking about all kinds of animals and plants living in harmony, we’re talking about all kinds of people. Neurodiverse conditions are:


Visual and spatial thinkers who have challenges with reading and writing


Fast thinkers who have challenges with focusing and executive function


Persevering and creative thinkers who have challenges with co-ordination


Practical thinkers who have challenges with numbers


Detail-oriented thinkers who have challenges with social communication.

Just by coming here, you’ve already taken the first step towards a more inclusive workplace. Let’s build on that.

Doing the right thing by the neurodiverse workforce is also doing the right thing by your bottom line.

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Neurodiverse people are 30% to 140% more productive than their peers.

Source: Harvard Business Review

“My hands-down favourite talk from the entire weekend!”

Jon Spriggs, Fujitsu